Container Herb Gardening Explained


So what is container herb gardening and why is everybody talking about it? In simple words, container herb gardening is the idea of planting helpful herbs (ones that are often used in cooking) in containers that can be stored indoors. This helps serve two purposes- if placed close to the kitchen, the container garden can be easily accessed as and when required. By taking enough care to decorate and design your garden sufficiently, you can use it as an efficient indoor decorative device. Having such containers can be very handy at times, especially for people who move frequently or if there is a problem of stray animals or pests to outdoor plantations.

Container herb gardening is taken up as a hobby by many, since the possibilities are endless- while picking containers and herbs, the wide variety of choice available can baffle you. Types of pots most often include plastic and terracotta. It maybe wise to stick to the basics and not stray too far since certain aspects of pots has not been studied extensively enough. A few pots, for example, may contain toxic elements such as lead, and such pots are an obviously a poor choice for herbs that you wish to use in cooking. Herbs like mint, oregano, cilantro which are regularly used in cooking are the most immediate choices that come to mind.

A number of techniques and ideas are in practice relating to container herb gardening and the scope to get creative is very broad, for, both gardening and cooking are considered arts where creativity adds to the zest. If you’re one of those people who does not want to be pained by the plants’ constant need to be watered, tiny polymers called ‘soil moist’ can be mixed in the soil. These polymers absorb water and swell several times their original size. They are to be mixed in decent numbers and scattered evenly about the container and they will take care of the herbs’ watering needs for a good deal of time, thus you can considerably reduce your frequency of watering. Alternatively, diapers (which contain similar polymers) may be used to serve the purpose. You can find more information about best log cabins from this website .

One important pointer to bear in mind with regard to container herb gardening is that it is best not to use regular garden soil. While it may be rich in nutrients and seem like a good choice at first, it offers poor drainage facility for the water and comes with a host of weed seeds and harmful microorganisms.

A question that faces all rookies is whether to go for seeds or plants. The answer to this boils down to a matter of requirement. With seeds, the waiting period can be a pain since it takes most herbs about a month to reach a decent size, though a few do take much lesser. Herbs like cilantro and mint are best sown as seeds since a change of soil does not go down very well with them, besides they grow into plants in no time. Knowing such simple facts can improve your container herb gardening experience.